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A long time ago, in since the beginning, at nighttime kingdom of Mordor, the Lord Sauron came up with the Ring of Omnipotence, a distinctive item which contains his power and has the capacity to command other similar artifacts. Most of Middle-earth acted as a united front within the decisive battle against Sauron and miraculously King Isildur was able to get back the Ring of Omnipotence. But in spite of the victory over Mordor, Sauron wouldn't dissolve into eternity, and the Ring holds back because of its master, who's going to be preparing to revisit Middle-earth again ...
The storyplot, created by British writer John R.R.Tolkien, covers time and effort, millennia, and perhaps while in the framework of a single trilogy, it is not easy to describe. And when Peter Jackson began look around the work of Tolkien, he decided to start with to concentrate exclusively about the Lord with the Rings trilogy, the primary film based that appeared on the screens in 2001.
This story begins in the Shire, a modest village of hobbits, short men with hairy legs. It had been here, through an extraordinary blend of circumstances, that the actual Ring of Omnipotence turned out. For many years he was cared for by a typical hobbit Bilbo Baggins, but it is now time to do without the treasure and in many cases destroy it!
The mission is really hard and even what kind wizard Gandalf seriously isn't ready to try to get it personally. Though the deed should be done, and Bilbo's nephew, Frodo Beggis, takes to the heavy burden. In addition to good companions, he sets out on the journey. that may stretch for some days and sleepless nights.
How beautifully Peter Jackson shows us Middle-earth. At this point, we've not seen it's splendor, but to begin with we had arrived led from the cozy green streets from the Shire, shown the magnificent capital of scotland - elves and big statues, signs and symptoms of bygone times. Up to now, this is simply the first portion of the trilogy, however it lays a firm base for even more discoveries.
The cast inside the film only agreed to be wonderful. Especially good is Aragorn, played by Viggo Mortensen. Certainly they would never know much about him as a strong actor, but Mortensen been able to put everyone who doubted him to shame. It is well known that the very first day or two to the group of Aragorn was played by Stuart Townsent, but Mortensen only agreed to be an ideal replacement for me.
The magnificence in this film should not be diminished. The Lord of your Rings: The Fellowship of your Ring is this big adventure that are not forgotten. And I might suggest it to you with all of my might.
10 out from 10
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